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If you’ve been in a car accident and sustained an injury, it’s important to not only seek medical treatment, but also to talk to an attorney before taking any money from an insurance company. Almost all attorney’s will consult on auto cases at no charge, in fact, if after a consultation they decide you have a case most will not charge unless they “win” and then their fee is typically around 30%.  Never settle with an insurance company without advice from a lawyer.

Pain and suffering

Physical pain symptoms (aches, pains and inflammation) after a crash are often chronic and can last for weeks, months or years. In some cases, they are permanent. Emotional pain and suffering can last for years, and in the worst cases, prevent a victim from living a full life. It is important to ensure you receive the necessary medical care to properly heal from your mental and physical injuries.

In personal injury cases, pain and suffering is considered a type of general damage and is negotiable during a claim. Without a personal injury attorney advocating for you and working with a specialized medical professional, your pain and suffering may be severely discounted by your insurance company.

Objective, measurable results for neck and back injuries

At iSpine Clinics, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating chronic pain that includes specialty physician oversight along with care from advanced practice physical and occupational therapists who are extensively trained in muscle, bone and joint care. We can support attorneys and their patients with:

  • Written reports, narratives and phone conferences
  • Expert testimony for patients who complete treatment
  • Skilled case management
  • Phone consultations
  • Care coordination with other healthcare providers
  • Single point of contact for questions or concerns about patient cases

For more information, call 763-201-8191 and ask for our Case Management team


No matter what you decide about working with an attorney do not take anything from the insurance company without consulting an attorney first, insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind.