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Clinical Research

iSpine Research & Therapeutics is the dedicated research division of iSpine Clinics. Our team is involved in multiple clinical trials and research studies in order to investigate causes of chronic pain, and to develop cutting edge technologies and treatments for chronic pain, which will ultimately provide better outcomes for patients worldwide. Through our involvement, our physicians are able to offer treatment options not yet available to the public at-large.

We partner with leading medical device companies and industry chronic pain experts to develop more effective treatment options and study these options in a safe, controlled manner within our clinical practice.

Our Team

Current Clinical Trials & Research Studies

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At iSpine Research & Therapeutics, we are committed to discovering innovative solutions for the treatment of chronic pain. Through collaboration with industry partners and leading clinical experts, we are able to offer the newest, cutting-edge technologies that may not be available to all clinical practices. We take significant time in the selection of our research efforts and strive to offer our patients the best chronic pain solutions in the safest manner possible.

iSpine Research & Therapeutics is involved in several studies investigating novel devices and treatment options for chronic neck, back, and/or limb pain. Please read the detailed study specifics below and contact us to inquire if you would be an appropriate study candidate.

1. Saluda Medical ECAP-controlled, Closed-loop SCS Clinical Study (ECAP Study)

Enrollment: OPEN

The Saluda Medical Evoke SCS System measures SCS-related spinal cord activation during postural changes and automatically adjusts the stimulation to maintain a more targeted, consistent therapy. Through use of this new investigational device, the study aims to understand how the nervous system responds to SCS when the patient changes postures, changes medications, or with different device programming. Appropriate patients are enrolled in the study for 24 months and are expected to follow-up periodically throughout that time period.

2. Abbott SCS Trial to Permanent Prediction Clinical Study (SCS T2P Study)

Enrollment: OPEN

The Abbott SCS T2P study collects biometric data for up to 6 months from enrolled SCS subjects during daily activities using wearable sensors and apps. The study will identify the specific needs of each patient and help physicians better understand each patient’s unique day-to-day chronic pain journey. This information will enable treatments to be personalized to each patient’s needs.

3. Medtronic electrically evoked compound action potentials human observation study (ECHO-MDT)

Enrollment: OPEN

The Medtronic ECHO-MDT clinical study collects spinal cord activation signals during different SCS settings and postural changes. The study involves patients already undergoing a Medtronic SCS trial and collects data from subjects during a short in-clinic visit at the conclusion of their SCS trial.

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