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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

Chronic pain in your back, shoulders, knees, and even headaches are often caused by the peripheral nervous system. The Sprint PNS System is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that stimulates the nerve and can reduce pain. You can expect:

  • 60-day treatment
  • Incision-free
  • Drug-free
  • Surgery-free
  • No permanent implant

iSpine Clinics illustration human nervous system

What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

With the Sprint System, a tiny MicroLead™ (twice the size of a human hair) is placed under your skin near a nerve that is causing you pain. A small device sends gentle electrical pulses through the MicroLead to stimulate the nerve. A simple handheld remote allows you to control the stimulation level to find an intensity that works best for you. After 60 days, the MicroLead is removed, and treatment is complete. Over 70% of patients in clinical studies reported significant and sustained pain relief. Read real patient stories of relief >

Image showing small size of Sprint MicroLead

Sample placements of SPRINT PNS

An iSpine Clinics doctor will determine if a system with one or two leads is best for your situation, as well as the appropriate placement of the device. Some examples of position shown below.

What to expect during a SPRINT PNS procedure

You will have a minor outpatient procedure to place the MicroLead. Your pain specialist will numb the skin around the appropriate area with a local anesthetic. Because your feedback is helpful in pinpointing the ideal location, your pain specialist will talk to you while positioning the MicroLead. After it is in place, a bandage is placed over the insertion site.

The MicroLead is connected to a Pulse Generator. The Pulse Generator is adhered to your body with a small gel patch called a Mounting Pad. Your pain specialist will take time after the MicroLead placement to show you how to operate your device using a hand-held remote, and will provide information on how to manage your Sprint system. Either your clinician or an on-hand Sprint PNS representative can then answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect after a SPRINT PNS procedure

Some patients see an improvement in their pain right away, while some find that it takes time for the pain to recede, gradually minimizing over the course of several weeks. While every patient is different and results vary, research studies found that most patients had sustained pain relief for months or more after treatment ends. In yearlong studies, a majority of patients continued to have sustained relief post-treatment. One survey of patients found that a majority of those who responded to the treatment had sustained long-term improvements in pain and/or quality of life, even up to 24 months later.

You will need to limit activity and motion near the treatment area for one week post-procedure, and your bandage will need to be changed 1-2 times a week (more if it becomes soiled, damp, or unstuck). Following the initial week of rest, you will be able to resume most normal activities. You will be provided with detailed instructions following your procedure, including:

  • Cleaning & Care – you will need to change your bandages regularly, and may require assistance from a friend or family.
  • Bathing – you will not be able to take a bath during the treatment period. You will need to disconnect the Pulse Generator and remove your Mounting Pad before taking a shower.
  • Swimming must be avoided during the treatment.
  • Driving – Stimulation should be off when you are driving.

You can discuss specific guidelines based on your individual needs with your clinician.


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