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MedX Rehabilitation

iSpine Rehab customizes each program to improve individual’s function, strength, range of motion and endurance. For individuals seeking treatment for neck or back pain, we utilize MedX medical equipment to isolate and strengthen key muscles.

MedX equipment, considered the gold standard for isolated spinal strengthening, allows individuals to safely and effectively isolate muscles in the neck and back.

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It allows patients to slowly change painful movements and desensitize the nervous system. MedX equipment also provides objective data on a patient’s strength and range of motion improvement which are two excellent indicators of improved function.

The team at iSpine Rehab Clinics have found that our patient’s bodies respond favorably to weight training, building stronger muscle, joint and bone tissues, decreasing chronic pain.


MedX Program Goals

  • Increase Flexibility
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Function
  • Decrease Pain

Many patients continue with our Maintenance Programs after their therapy sessions in order to retain their functional and strength improvements.

Let the specialists at iSpine Rehab help you break the pain cycle. Call to schedule a consultation, today.

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