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Splanchnic Nerve Block

The splanchnic nerves are located on both sides of your spine. They carry pain information to your brain from organs in your abdomen. Blocking these nerves can help you stop feeling abdominal pain.

What is a Splanchnic Nerve Block?

This minimally invasive procedure is performed by our specialist using a steroid and anti-inflammatory mixture injected into or around your Splanchnic nerve to reduce upper abdominal pain, commonly due to cancer or chronic pancreatitis, and is performed under fluoroscopy (X-ray) guidance.

What to expect during a Splanchnic Nerve Block procedure

Your pain specialist will have you lay on your stomach while they numb the surrounding skin with a local anesthetic. With fluoroscopic guidance they insert a small needle into your back aiming for splanchnic nerve and inject the medication. The procedure takes 45 minutes, and you go home the same day.

What to expect after a Splanchnic Nerve Block procedure

Your abdomen may feel numb or “different,” but this feeling will subside when the anesthetic wears off. Do not drive or do any rigorous activity for 24 hours after your splanchnic nerve block. You can return to your normal activities the next say and your regular diet and medications immediately.

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