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Interventional Procedures

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventional Procedures are used by specialists as an effective, non-invasive technique to relieve pain using image-guidance (fluoroscopy/X-ray) to precisely target the source of pain. These injections can quickly and safely deliver pain-relieving medication to a key area of your body without the hassle and potential complications of surgery.

If you live with pain that won’t go away, you know how frustrating it can be. Interventional pain management can help. By identifying the cause of your pain, our Specialists can treat it at its source. This can give you a better quality of life.

Interventions Offered 

The following Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventions are offered at iSpine Clinics: 

Nerve Ablations

  • Facet Joint
  • Basivertebral (Intracept)
  • Genicular
  • SI Joint RF
  • RFA


Nerve Injections / Nerve Root Blocks


Expectations at iSpine Clinics

At iSpine Pain Care Clinics, all injections are image-guided and may be performed with or without IV sedation for appropriately-selected patients. Our physicians are certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, so you know you are being treated by doctors with an expertise in chronic pain care. iSpine Clinics is here to help manage your complete pain care, including behavior health guidance and referrals such as physical therapy, imaging, and surgical consults if necessary. 
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