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Interventional Pain Consultation

Whether you have a chronic spine, musculoskeletal, or other pain condition, at iSpine Clinics we are here to support our patient’s pain care needs, from evaluation to diagnosis and design of a unique care plan. This may include medication management, referral to Physical Therapy, coordination of and/or minimally invasive and image-guided interventional pain management procedures. Our compassionate pain care team of specialists are here to listen, to work towards pinpointing a diagnosis and explaining the variety of options available to you for managing and reducing your chronic pain.
Dr Faltas iSpine Clinics explaining spine pain to patient
We work with your referring doctor or provider, keeping them abreast of your treatment. iSpine Clinics’ Medical Doctors work collaboratively with our Certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, as well as other members of our team, with a goal of managing both your pain symptoms and expectations in hopes of improving your quality of life.

What To Expect

Preparing for your consultation at iSpine Clinics

  • Prior to your visit, gather the following and/or fill out Release of Information form(s) and submit to your other healthcare providers for current information related to your pain and any previous treatment(s)
  • Recent medical records or office notes related to the area of pain
  • Current medication list
  • Documentation/copies of most recent medical imaging records of the area in question (MRI, CT, X-ray, EMG’s)
  • Documentation of any recent therapies pertaining to your chronic pain (physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections, etc.)
  • Any related surgical records
  • Complete our Release of Information to Person form
  • Review our Consultation Attendance Policy

Consultation Appointment

female patient and pain specialist nurse practitioner
  • Check in 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure all paperwork is completed and in order. You will also need photo identification and your insurance card(s).
  • Clinical Assistant staff will measure and record your blood pressure and weight, review your medication list and talk to you about why you are being seen today. If you were referred by another provider, you will be asked to focus on the area of pain that they referred you for treatment.
  • A Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner and scribe (specialized notetaker) will see you next and obtain your history related to your pain and conduct a physical examination, when you may be asked to move about the room
    We will also review pertinent medical records and any applicable imaging, and discuss potential options for treatment and care.
  • You will have a short wait while your case is presented to the Physician involved with your visit.
  • The doctor will see you thereafter and finalize the plan of care.
  • Before you leave, we may schedule any necessary follow-up appointment with iSpine, discuss the prior authorization process for any recommended procedures with iSpine, and arrange for any referrals to outside resources (imaging, therapy, etc.).
  • The Provider who referred you to iSpine will receive a copy of your visit note for this and all future appointments.
  • If you return for future appointments at iSpine, most often you will follow up directly with the PA or NP on your case. If it’s deemed you would benefit from an injection, the doctor will complete your procedure.
  • We require a referral (external or internal) for all injection proceduress.
Dr Faltas iSpine Clinics meeting patient with chronic pain in Edina, Minnesota

iSpine Pain Clinics consultation with Dr. Faltas