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Retain functional and strength improvements with the iSpine Rehab Maintenance Program.

    Maintain Your Gains

    For over 25 years, we have offered our Maintenance Program to individuals who complete their program. It has been shown that in order to maintain the gains made during rehabilitation, ongoing exercise and core-strengthening is critical – and our Maintenance Program is an easy way to get it done.

    Simply come in once every 3-4 weeks and that is enough to retain the functional and strength improvements made during treatment (J. Tucci, 1992).

    iSpine Rehab Clinics offer an Independent CORE Maintenance Program which is self-administered using our CORE MedX equipment:

      Independent CORE Maintenance

      Maintenance programs are generally not covered by insurance. Our independent CORE Maintenance Program costs only $25 per 30-minute session. You are free to utilize the CORE equipment as well as the cardiovascular equipment and stretching areas during your session. At each Maintenance visit, simply check in at the front desk and you will be given your Maintenance folder containing your specific plan which was created by the therapy team during treatment.

      MedX maintenance patient doing excercises on her own

      Things to Know Before Beginning Your Maintenance Program

      iSpine Rehab Clinics requires that you follow the Maintenance Plan outlined for you by your therapy team during treatment.

      Your account must be in good standing to participate in our Maintenance Program. You are required to place a credit card on file to participate in the program. No shows and late cancels (less than 24-hour notice) will be charged the full amount of the Maintenance visit cost.

      Participants who: lapse for more than six (6) months, experience a change in health, or have experienced a new injury and/or flare up in back or neck pain may be required to see an iSpine Clinics Rehab Specialist prior to participating in the Maintenance program. It is the responsibility of the patient to notify iSpine of any changes in their health.

        Home exercise program

        Scheduling Your Maintenance Appointment

        To schedule a Maintenance session, please call our scheduling line at 763-201-8191. 

        When attending your first Maintenance visit, you will need to complete some forms to ensure you understand the participation requirements for your safety.

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