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iWorks Health

iWorks Health (previously PDRWorks) provides an array of services that employers can take advantage of to help improve the health of their employees, reduce injuries, and/or assist with the treatment and return to work plan, if necessary, for injured workers:

  • OnsiteWorks – Musculoskeletal discomfort is addressed onsite by trained therapists on a weekly basis for injury prevention, promoting a culture of early intervention
  • Job Analysis – Outlining essential job functions and demands for ADAAA and EEOC compliance, protecting the employer and guiding improvements
  • MoveAtWork Programs – Programs implemented facility-wide promote health, provide relief from sustained postures and engage key muscles for work tasks
  • Industrial & Office Ergonomics – Assessment tools for modification and recommendation, reducing risk of injury and claims
  • Employee Engagement – Encourage active participation in problem solving ideas and solutions for improvements in environments and job tasks

We know the value of employee job satisfaction, productivity, and keeping costs low so your company can thrive. iWorks Health can customize injury prevention services to meet your company’s unique industry, needs and goals across manufacturing, engineering, warehouse, construction and retail industries.

onsite risk assessment

Employer Benefits:

  • Improve employee health & wellness
  • Prevent or reduce employee injuries and workers’ compensation claims
  • Reduce workers’ compensation & experience modification rates
  • Reduce healthcare utilization and costs

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